Aria UNO Full Face Masker

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UNO Full Face Mask from Ocean Reef

Relaxing enjoy the world underwater with UNO snorkel mask! 180 degrees of unobstructed visibility, breathing you are used to being above water, and no water in your eyes and snorkeling! With this mask a new world opens up for you!

The UNO snorkel mask is a simple version of the unparalleled original ARIA mask from OCEAN REEF - unlike the ARIA, the UNO is available in two sizes S / M and L / XL, and only in white. The face piece and the straps for attachment are of a smooth and profound duo-mask for your body remover.

All quality features of the original model, the ARIA snorkel mask, can also be found in the UNO. The mask underwater snorkel, which keeps water outside, and perfectly clear with an invalid field of view of no less than 180 degrees.

OCEAN REEF, manufacturer of the ARIA & UNO full-face snorkel masks and full face masks for divers.

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