Ocean Reef GSM DC

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Ocean Reef GSM DC

Underwater transciver unit which offers powerful, clear and multichannel communication. DSP microprocessor digital driver included for verbal message equalization.

Automatic DAT system for hands-free communication. 2 transceiver channels. 2 buttons for PTT transmission, channel switching and DAT activation.

Activating the DAT starts a 30 – 20 – 30 second cycle during which the unit will be in 1) transmission mode 2) receiving mode 3) transmission again. This way, the diver has the possibility of working with both hands free and still communicating. The DAT cycle will continue unless turned off – this can be helpful in worst case scenario emergencies when the diver is in extreme distress and wants to send out a continuous message of his presence (transmission will signal to receiving units even if no words are spoken).

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