Nice diving on vacation, make sure that your BCD / BCD has been properly maintained / serviced.

is your BCD ready for regular service, if there is a leak or vented / aerate the BCD in itself, then your BCD / BCD is also ready for service.

Hand in your BCD for service or maintenance at ESKO Diveworld.

At ESKO Diveworld we have the experience and all the tools at hand to thoroughly check your trim vest and repair it if necessary. With a regular service of a BCD and with specific complaints, we carry out the following activities:

  • Checking the performance of the billing vest on delivery and discussing complaints with the customer.
  • Check inflator for leaks and damage.
  • Disassemble the inflator.
  • Parts descaling and ultrasonic cleaning to remove lime and dirt remnants thoroughly.
  • To change parts.
  • Assemble the inflator.
  • Check the functioning of the inflator.
  • Mount the inflator.
  • Leak test of complete trim vest.
  • Drafting service / maintenance report.

The price of the  Jacket/ BCD service is € 39.50

This is excluding replacement of parts. Of course, an additional fee is always verified in advance.