To dive pleasantly, a diver must be able to rely on his material. Therefore, have all (diving) equipment maintained regularly. The rule of thumb is once a year or if you make many dives, a year for the 50 dives. Maintenance of diving equipment is a meticulous job. We at ESKO Diveworld have the right training for this, more than 40 years of experience, original parts and tools.

With a servicing of your regulator, we work strictly according to the quality standards of the manufacturers. We at ESKO Diveworld only use the original parts prescribed by the importers / manufacturers.

Your regulator completely disintegrates, is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning bath. We replace the O - rings and the other prescribed parts and then assemble everything again. This is followed by the adjustment of the breathing resistance and your regulator is ready for use again. From the maintenance you receive a well-organized maintenance report so that you can see what has been done. We also show the parts that have been replaced. Normally you can retrieve your regulator (set) within two weeks. Use our Quick Service (Regulator) if you want to have a properly functioning regulator in faster time.

Maintenance at your regulator (1st & 2nd Trap) is already from € 50.00 *

* Amount is in accordance with regular maintenance and serves as an indication. Total costs depend on brand, the replacement of medium pressure hoses, updates from manufacturers, etc !. Inform without obligation of the costs of your regulator!