Our modern filling station has Bauer compressors (Pure Air Certificate, which guarantees the best quality compressed air). Multiple bottles can be filled at the filling station at the same time. This ensures that all bottles can be filled quickly and there is hardly ever a waiting time.

Our air is tested annually by Bauer and for years we have received the Pure Air Certificate, which guarantees the best quality compressed air. Your bottle will be filled quickly, reliably and well at ESKO Diveworld.

In addition to diving bottles, bottles for paintball are also welcome at the filling station. We are happy to help you further. We sell bottles up to 300 bar, from a capacity of 7 liters and rent diving bottles of 10.12 or 15 liters 232 bar. Feel free to come along.

Pricelist 2018/2019:

<8 liter bottle = € 3,00

10 liter bottle = € 3.50 
12 liter bottle = € 4.00 
15 liter bottle = € 4.75 

Of course, we fill ESKO Diveworld only diving bottles with an approval!

Advice: ESKO Diveworld has advantageous filling subscriptions or club membership and save on your filling costs, purchase diving materials!