ESKO Diveworld is a large Diving Center in Central Netherlands that has existed for 45 years and offers all the facilities a diver needs to practice his or her hobby. We have a large store, a diving school and a diving club, maintenance and ofcourse a Webshop. We also offer a large assortment of kite and fun sports items in our store and webshop.

Our store
In the city Zeist we have a large store with 1400 square meters of diving, kite and fun sports items. We also have a webshop where we offer a wide choice in the field of Diving & Freedive materials.
ESKO Diveworld is official dealer of many famous brands including Beuchat, Camaro, Mares, Scubapro,  Sealife, Aqualung, Bare, Ocean Reef, Suunto, Shearwater and many other brands. In our store we like to take the time to advise you so that you go home with the best choice.
Our shop always has diving experts with all the knowledge about the technology of the equipment we sell. We can also carry out most repairs on equipment by ourselves.
Our store has a complete filling station with a number of large buffers, so your dive bottle is filled quickly for the next dive.

Our Diving School
ESKO Diveworld provides a wide range of diving courses and courses in accordance with the Scuba Schools International (SSI) teaching system. SSI is a globally recognized diving training organization. This means that with your SSI license you can dive anywhere in the world and rent equipment. For more detailed information about our diving school and courses click here.

Our Diving Club
Once you have a diving license, you probably want the opportunity to continue practicing your hobby. ESKO Diveworld offers you this possibility. The diving club is there for and by club members and is meant to do fun things together that directly or indirectly have something to do with the diving sport. On average once a month we organize a club activity. For more information about our diving club and activities click here.

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