Light & Motion Sidekick Duo Spot en Flood voor Action Cams

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Sidekick™ dive lights have a factory sealed body so you never need to worry about flooding.  Revolutionizing the point of view action camera with a compact and versatile daylight balanced lighting solution. Designed to seamlessly connect with any GoPro mount, it can also be utilized on a cold-shoe mount with adapter. The flood has an adjustable 90° beam pattern and is compatible with snap-on filters that can further diffuse the light or modify the color. The spot has a 15° beam. Engineered with sophisticated firmware for precision flicker-free continuous lighting.

• Integrated rechargeable li-ion battery

• Regulated output - does not dim during use

• Intuitive one-touch user interface

• Factory sealed, 60 meter depth rating

• External charging interface

• Sophisticated flicker-free firmware design

• Dimming with stepped control

• Certified performance (FL-1 Standard)

• Mount with with GoPro, flex-arm or cold-shoe

• Durable, rugged design for reliability

• Size & Weight 38mm x 30.5mm x 81mm,123 grams

• Included in box: Light, GoPro Extender Mount, USB Charger

Lumens Flood
High- 600
Med-  300
Low-  150
Run Time (Min):
High- 60
Med- 120
Low- 240

Lumens Spot
High- 400
Med-  200
Low-  100
Run Time (Min):
High- 90
Med- 180
Low- 360

Beam angle underwater 60° (Flood)

Beam angle on land 90° (Flood)

Beam angle underwater 15° (Spot)

Beam angle on land 23° (Spot)

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