Osprey Triathlon Goggles

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Osprey Triathlon Goggles

Triathlon Goggles offer high performance and durability in the water and a secure fit with silicone eye cups and straps for exceptional comfort. Designed to be worn in the gruelling slog of open water swimming the triathlon goggles are design to stand up to typical stresses and strains of open water swimming.


Durable PC Shatter resistant lenses with anti- fog treatment for added eye protection and crystal clear vision.

180° field of vision for unhindered orientation in the water.

100% UV Protected to help eliminate damage to eyes from harmful UV rays.


Soft silicone eye cup and skirting for a secure fit, helping eliminate irritation to skin.

Silicone strap with push button adjustable strap, secures goggles comfortably around the back of the head with hassle free adjustability.

Product Overview:

180° vision

PC Lens

100% UV protection


Shatter resistant

Silicone eye cup

Silicone strap

Push button adjustment

Please Note: read fitting and care instructions on pack before use.

Warning: never pull googles away form face as they my spring back and cause eye damage.

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